The Psychology laboratory is part of a research facility in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. This is a Positive-Cognitive Psychology lab focusing on 'OPTIMAL HUMAN FUNCTIONING'. We work towards understanding, intervening and promoting well-being and excellence of human beings. Currently, work in the lab is focusing on Decision-making, Social Cognition, and Wisdom. The work revolves around three themes: 1) Cognitive Functioning and Psychological Tendencies, 2) Skills, ability and well-being management in personal, educational and organization context, 3) Performance assessment, management and enhancement.

The Psychology Lab provides an understanding of the functioning of brain and mind and their interrelationship with behavior. Some of the concepts of Psychology which can provide input for students as engineers are perception (biases and illusions involved), decision making (algorithmic and heuristic thinking, associated cognitive errors and biases; as students are learning (style and strategies), memory (mnemonic strategies and distortions); as individuals are identifying strength, emotional intelligence, social cognition, etc. The laboratory is equipped with tools and software like EEG Neurofeedback System, E-prime, Speech recognition software, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, IOWA Gambling Task, Stroop Test, SPM, NEO-PI-R, Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, and Social Responsiveness Scale etc.