SoLA Faculty and Students at the Institute Industry Day

At the 3rd Industry Day held at the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (February 3-4, 2023), faculty and students of the School of Liberal Arts (SoLA) presented posters on their ongoing research. Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan, Dr. Kirankumar Hiremath (Department of Mathematics), Dr. Krishna Kumar Balaram (School of Management & Entrepreneurship), Ms. Jyoti Sharma*, Mr. Jay Prakash Shaw* (*Ph.D. Students, SoLA) presented a poster on “Social Harmony, AI and Community Policing related to the theme Dependable and Responsible AI.  Another poster titled “An Interdisciplinary study of Technologically Manipulated Information: Its ecosystem and its psycho-social impact”, presented by Prof. Chhanda Chakarborti, Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan, Dr. Rajendra Nagar, Mr. Divyanshu Pathak, was also showcased under the same theme. The students of MSc CSS, along with Dr. Ankita Sharma, also presented a poster, ‘Is WhatsApp a culprit? What do we know about WhatsApp usage among the elderly and misinformation’?