The Language Lab located within the Central Library at IIT-Jodhpur is designed to provide students with an interactive learning environment for practical training in English. The lab actively engages students in exercises through its collaboration with SANAKO, a company that produces specialized software to enhance language learning for non-native English speakers. ELT instructors in the lab assist students in developing effective communication skills based on the LSRW model (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) through specific activities such as speed reading, in-depth reading, declamation, practice for better grammar, listening comprehension, round table discussion, speech practice with phonetics, intonation, voice modulation, pronunciation, and exercises to improve writing emails, official letters, reports, and essays. The lab also supplements classroom learning by enabling students to practice independently and in groups with the use of state-of-the-art, multimedia equipment. The spatial layout and software facilities of the lab are designed to maximize immersive language learning. Through the lab, the institute’s students and staff from disciplines ranging across the engineering, sciences, humanities and social sciences have access to the best digital tools and hands-on training towards developing fluency and mastery of English.