The School of Liberal Arts launched its flagship postgraduate program, Masters in Computational Social Sciences (M.Sc. CSS), in 2022. Computational social science is an exciting new field that combines the methods and tools from computer science and data science with the theories and fundamentals of social science disciplines. It draws inspiration from the experimental, social, and behavioral sciences, merging their explanatory focus with the predictive capabilities of large-scale data. This integrative approach, combined with the creation of robust research infrastructure, allows computational social scientists to pursue replicable, cumulative, and ultimately useful solutions. The program is future ready and apt for various roles in industry.  Besides, the school has built a steady relationship with industry by inviting leaders from industry to interact with students on a regular basis. On the other hand, faculty members have been also contributing to the industry in a big way in terms of consultancy projects. So there exists a strong two way relationship between the industry and the school.

Industry Connect in the School of Liberal Arts is led by an internal committee comprising of the following faculty members: Dr. Farhat Naz (Head of the School of Liberal Arts), Prof. Chhanda Chakraborti, Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Vidya Sarveswaran, Dr. Parichay Patra,Dr. Ruhi Sonal, Dr. Akanksha Choudhary and Dr. Rachel Philip. The School of Liberal Arts is also proud to have an External Committee, including the following eminent and veteran Industry Professionals, who have shared their expertise with exploring further directions in Industry Connect.

Dr. Lipika Dey,
Chief Scientist,
TCS Research

Mr. Bhupesh Dinger,
Director at
Enrich and Member - Board of Governors,

Mr. Soumitra Poddar,
Founding Partner,
Strategic Services Consulting