The School of Liberal Arts offers a Ph.D. Programme in diverse disciplines including Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Film Studies, Literary Studies, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Public Health and other interdisciplinary areas.The research undertaken by our scholars represents a rich exploration of various critical questions in the areas of the social sciences and humanities.

PhD Students, 2022

Students who are part of the PhD program are enabled to take a diversity of elective courses in the following disciplines, Philosophy, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Literature, Linguistics and Cultural/Film Studies.


History and Philosophy of Science
Foundations of Sustainability
Climate Change and Society
Philosophy of Mind
Language and Cognition
Twentieth century Analytic Philosophy
Ethical Theories and Moral Practices


Industrial Organization
Social and Economic Networks
Health, Policy Systems and Financing
Global Health
Indian Economic Development and Policy
Political and Institutional Economics of Development
Behavioral Economics and Decision Theory
Principles of Macroeconomics
Economic Challenges and Data-driven Approach


Principles of Psychology (OE)
Basics of Leadership (OE)
Life and Professional Skill Development (OE)
Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (OE)
Theories of Intelligence (CBSA, AIDE) (OE)
Advance Cognitive Processes ((CBSA, AIDE)) (OE)
Engineering Psychology (OE)
Cognitive Psychology (OE)
Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience (OE)
Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology
Mental Illness and Mental Health
Biases and Human Decision Making


Sociology of Science and Technology
Poltics of Water Governace
Gender and Society
Climate change and Society
Globalization and culture
Understanding Social Realities
Perspectives in Computational Sociology
Sociology in the Digital era
New Forms of Socialization
Sociology of Media
Work and Modern Organizations
Political Anthropology in the Digital era
Video Games and Society
Commodities in the Digital Era

Literature, Linguistics and Cultural/Film Studies

Popular classics
Introduction to Film Studies
Dalit Movement and Literature
Cine-politics under the National emergency
Introduction to Editing and Publishing
Indian Cinemas: Many Histories
Introduction to Literatures from India’s Northeast
Introduction to Contemporary Arts
Introduction to Performance Studies
Modern Indian Theatre
Asian American Literature
World Literature and Global Cinema
Network Cultures
Masculinities in/and the Global South
Energy Humanities
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Consumer Culture and Commodities
Nature Writings in American Literature
Literature and Environment