• XR Design

First semester: focus will be on building the core skills required by anyone entering the field of design.

Second semester: offers introductory compulsory courses and electives in XR and closely associated fields, that will help students gain knowledge and build skills required for the program.

Third semester: the students will build advanced skills in their area of study through further electives and start off their thesis project.

Fourth semester: students will focus and complete their project work in the fourth semester which they started in the third semester.

Course plan

Semester 1 Credits Semester 2 Credits
History of Art, Design and Media 2 Storytelling and Interactivity 2
Design Thinking 3 Interaction Design and XR 3
Elements and Principles of Design 3 Appreciation of XR: Applications and Opportunities 2
Sketching and Representation 2 Appreciation of Gaming: Applications and Infrastructure 2
3D Visualization 2 Introduction to XR Development 2
Typography for Digital Media 2 Elective 3
Communication Skills 1 Professional ethics 1
Total 15 15
Semester 3 Credits Semester 4 Credits
Elective 1 3 Project 13
Elective 2 3 Innovation and IP management 1
Elective 3 3
Elective 4 3
Project 3
15 14


Course Credits Course Credits
Photo and Imaging 3 Film Making: Techniques and Production 3
Light, Sound, Camera 3 Special Topics in XR 3
Advanced Illustration 3 Coding for XR 3
Principles of Game Design 3 Environment and Space Design 3
Visual Effects Essentials 3 New Media Art 3
Animation Principles and Techniques 3 Virtual Production 3
Character Design 3

Working together


The joy of making


Pitching to jury


On a field visit